Surrealistic Summer Solstice Jam
Golden Gate Park - San Francisco
June 21, 2017
Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay
From a Buick 6
I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag
Fresh Air
Pride of Man
Sing a Simple Song
Piece of My Heart
People Get Ready
Time Has Come Today
Get Together
If You Are Going To San Francisco
White Rabbit
Somebody To Love
Viola Lee Blues

For those of you who use Facebook, here's the official (amazing) Full Length, uncut vid cap:

W Jack Casady, Lester Chambers, Barry Melton, David Freiberg, Linda Imperial, Dave Getz, Peter Albin, Darby Gould, David Laflamme, Linda Laflamme, Norman Spirit Greenbaum, supported by Moonalice, Dan Lebowitz, Melvin Seals, Steve Kimock, Mark Karan, Steve Adams, Jason Crosby, Jay Lane, Greg Loiacono, Lesley Grant, RonKat Spearman, Paula Frazer, Dylan Chambers, Chuck Prophet, Joli Valenti, Grahame Lesh, Alex Jordan and an amazing horn section! Lights by Brotherhood of Lights and Dan English. MCs: Ben Fong-Torres, Steve Parish, and Joel Selvin. Produced by Dawn Holliday.

Full Set List:
Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart's Club Band (Roger McNamee)
For What It's Worth (Lebo)
From a Buick 6 (Chuck Prophet)
Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay (Mark Karan)
Fresh Air (David Freiberg & Linda Imperial)
Pride of Man (David Freiberg & Linda Imperial)
California Dreamin' (Grahame Lesh)
Piece of My Heart (Darby Gould)
Summertime (Darby Gould)
Whitebird (David and Linda LaFlame)
S.O.S. (Barry Melton)
Fixin' to Die Rag (Roger McNamee & Barry Melton)
Sing a Simple Song (Ronkat Speerman & Leslie Grant)
Get Together (Joli Valenti)
People Get Ready (Lester & Dylan Chambers)Time Has Come Today (Lester & Dylan Chambers)
Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum & a cast of many)
If You Are Going to San Francisco (Greg Loiaciano)
Axis, Bold as Love (Lebo - Shredding)
White Rabbit - (Linda Fraser)
Somebody to Love (Darby Gould)
Viola Lee Blues (Graham Lesh)
Not Fade Away (Lebo and Ensemble)