Louisiana Love Act
At the Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA - November 25, 2017

Phil Colombatto - Guitar and Vocals
Melvin Seals - B3
Steve Kimock - Guitar
John Fohl - Guitar & vocals
John Molo - Drums
Pete Sears - Bass
Wally Ingram - Percussion

The Blazin' Hot Horns:
Jerry Vivino - Trumpet
Mike Rinta - Trombone
Tony Peebles - Bari Sax
Mike Nelson - Tenor Sax

Where are You Going With My Heart?
Walking on Water
Smokin' Upside Down
Saint James Infirmary
The Pits of Thunder
Overseas Stomp (no SK solo)
'65 Mustang
Lazy River Road (no SK Solo)
Parish Jail
E: When You Do Me Like That
(Without Phil Colombatto - Sung by John Fohl)