Songs to Fill the Air - May 3, 2017
In the Backyard at Terrapin Crossroads
Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Grahame Lesh, Jason Crosby, Scott Law

1. Playing in the Band
2. The Wheel
3. Big River
4. Feel Like a Stranger
5. Uncle John's Band
6. Liberty
7. Mountains of the Moon
8. Cassidy (unfinished + my cam battery crapped out.)
9. Dear Prudence

Notes: A tremendous show for a low price ($20) with a fantastic crowd. A+ Weather and an impressive band featuring Phil and Bobby! With Grahame Lesh, Jason Crosby and Scott Law doing terrific supportof the music and it's principle architects.

Cassidy was never finished and my cam battery died toward the end of the jam. Weir was vocally clamming throughout the show but the audience loved it. Grahame Lesh has fully stepped up his game and was great. Jason and Scott are totally worthy of this level of performance.

Yet another amazing TXR experience!