Facebook I scribed following this Show:
On Wednesday night (Thanksgiving Eve) I managed to obtain a last minute ticket to see Stu Allen, Scott Law and Samson Grisman in the Grate Room at TXR.

Having attended many of the shows performed and presented by David Grisman and Jerry Garcia back in the day at the Warfield (and even more memorably at Squaw Valley) and having been weaned on a steady diet of acoustic Garcia commencing with my first shows at RCMH and including having witnessed the incredible 4/10/82 solo acoustic Capitol Theater (Passaic) solo Jerry shows among others, I was excited to see what Stu, Scott and Sam would bring to this repertoire.

Those of us who made it to the show were rewarded with a rich performance filled with nuance, complexity, beauty and at times, a potent jam factor

A wide swath of songs that Garcia and Grisman tackled over their later reunion (as opposed to their early misadventures around the time of American Beauty and O&ITW) were beautifully rendered. Other than an ill times string snap midway through the 2nd number: Mississippi John Hurt's, "Louis Colins," the show was a lengthy and satisfying effort to rekindle the crackling acoustic energy that bloomed in the early 90's between these kindred spirits.

Stu of course has proven to be capable of groking and emulating Garcia's approach to a wide variety of era's and styles and he was more than capable of his usual high level of expression in this context.

Scott Law probably had the most challenging role in trying to reproduce the distinct approach to this repertoire on mandolin and he proved himself worthy with interesting lead breaks, tremolo and harmonized arpeggios.

Samson Grisman brought a huge aspect of musical legitimacy to this performance with a rock solid yet subtle approach and some really astounding bass solo's that displayed his depth of experience, technique and tastefulness.

The sold out, but seated audience showed immense respect, with silence throughout the proceedings and every tune was given full focus by the trio.

Fantastic acoustics of the Grate Room aided by an A+ PA helped it all to sound fantastic.

There really were too many highlights to detail in this fantastic 2 sets of music. Pick a song you like and give it a spin!

I took advantage of being there early to geek out in the front row.

Enjoy my full show caps!

NB - my cam regrettably crapped out during the jam in So What. I lost about 30 seconds of this one but it's present in two parts!

Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy~!