Tedtoob's most popular vid-cap! - Ace Guitarist - Michael Landau at Sweetwater.

Michael Landau is an inventive and impressive electric guitarist who grew up in LA alongside players like Dean Parks, Steve Lukather, Michael Thompson and Dann Huff. Though not particularly well known in the Bay Area, Michael Landau played on many of the major label releases recorded in Los Angeles from the 1980s–1990s.

Having supported artists such as Boz Scaggs, Joni Mitchell, Seal, Michael Jackson, James Taylor, Steve Perry, Pink Floyd, Roger Daltrey, Stevie Nicks, Glenn Frey, and Miles Davis among others, to witness his skills in a small club validates why this performance is my most viewed vid-cap.

I first saw Michael at a tiny dive bar in Fairfax, CA (Marin County) called Peri’s and I try to attend his shows whenever he visits the Bay Area.

”Blues For”
Michael Landau Band
Sweetwater Music Hall Mill Valley, CA
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Michael Landau - Guitar and Vocals
Reggie Hamilton - Bass
Gary Novak - Drums
Vid Cap by Ted Silverman via Sony Cybershot RX100ii

I was left to my own devices during this Vid Shoot. The Sweetwater Staff said nothing about my front edge of the stage lurking and I was able to capture this action with very little in the way of audience obstruction.
Unfortunately this brought me within a sonic range that cause a small degree of distortion in the video but for the most part its easy to listen too without much discomfort.


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